One Day Web


What is Squarespace and why do you use it?

One of the leading website builders and hosts, created by creative people for creative people. I’ve been using Squarespace for over 7 years and built over 100 sites, I love using it because of it’s beautiful design and ease of use. Even if you are not good with computers you can use it and take control of your website.

Can I see your portfolio and testimonials?

You bet!

“I've got a smart, easy to navigate website without any stress.”
Susanne Imre (ex-Living Etc. editor)

Your 'One Day Web' guide was invaluable in helping me understand exactly what I needed to update my website”.
George and Friends

“I’m thrilled with the elegant and professional website Yeshen has created for me.”
Jacqui Ramrayka

Who is this offer for?

Makers, Artists and Designers who need a simple portoflio site to showcase their work. This is not for those who need a business website, online shop or more advanced site - if you need a more advanced site, please contact me to discuss.

How does the 20% discount code apply?

Because I am setting up your site, you will get 20% off your Squarespace fees for the first year. For the ‘Personal’ package (which I would recommend for a portfolio site) this gives a saving of approx £25. Read more about Squarespace pricing here.

How many pages would I get?

Intro/landing page
Work galleries (can be mulitple galleries or sections for different types of work)

How should I prepare?

Please use my Squarespace guide: which will guide you through how to prepare your content (words, graphics, images, logins). I recommend organising all your content in folders with a master ‘Website’ folder in Dropbox or Google Drive. I will then access these files to create the site.

I will give you access to this once you have booked. It is crucial you prepare you content in order to get the most from this offer.

What if I want to add more to my site later, such as an online shop?

That’s fine, you can do this yourself (Squarespace is fully scaleable) or book another session with me. You can add an online shop, blog, events page and many more things.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, 50% is due up front when you book, the remainder when the site is ready.

Any other questions? Please drop me a line at