One Day Web


Yeshen answers your burning questions...

Can you really create a website in a day?

If you have followed our guide and prepared your content, absolutely. This is why I use Squarespace, because I could not achieve this on any other website platform. Some of the simple websites I have created with clients only took a half day. I work in a fully transparent way, you'll watch me creating the site in front of your eyes!

Why do I need a guide or a session with you, can't I just do this all myself?

You are welcome to do that. Squarespace is very intuitive and has excellent guides that you can use for free, however they are general guides for everyone. My Guide and One Day Web service is tailored to the design and craft industy and informed by many years of experience. I can save you valuable time, you can easily spend many days getting used to Squarespace and making countless mistakes - let me know show you a better way!

Do you only use Squarespace?

Yes, I use this platform because I find it to be the most user-friendly, well designed and intuitive.

Can you get me a discount?

Yes! When you purchase my Guide or book a session  you will receive 20% off your first year with Squarespace. Please note, this discount is only valid on your first Squarespace purchase, not upgrades.

What if I have already started my Squarespace site?

That's fine, it's quite common for my clients to have worked on an existing site and require a site refresh or template switch, we can add/edit what you have started,or start fresh.

Is there a way to extend the 2 week free trial?

Yes, if I start your site under my account your trial can last up to 6 months.

How far ahead should I start planning?

I would reccomend 2 months prior to you launch date, or longer if you have a particulary complex site.

Do I need to know about code?

Not at all, in fact I only use code myself if the projects requires a particular customisation.

Will you upload all the content for me?

I will usually upload and layout most of the site content during the session, but I will encourage you to do some yourself as this helps you gain confidence. If you have a lot of content for your online shop or blog  and we do not manage it all during our session, I will show you how to complete the uploads in your own time.

Where do you work from?

I work in person at our Islington studio, however sessions can also take place at your office/studio/home.

Can I bring a friend or colleague else along to the session?

Yes, I welcome this.

Do you work with international clients?

I prefer to work in person with my clients , but if you cannot make it to London, I will consider international work. This is done via Skype and screen-sharing.

Do you provide ongoing support and training?

I do not offer ongoing website management services, although I am happy to chat/email after the session to ensure you are confident managing your site.

It's also common for clients to return at a later date for a site re-fresh or to add a custom feature. In terms of technical support, in my opinion Squarespace offers the best in the industry with guides, videos and email support/live chat.

£600 for a day sounds expensive.

It's £600 for a fully functioning, well designed website + bespoke training in how to use it. I think this is excellent value. You are of course welcome to purchase my exclusive guide and work with another designer or have a go yourself. 

Do you need a deposit?

Yes, once the project is agreed I will invoice for 50% of the project cost up front. The remainder is due on completion.