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Add your site to Google and Bing


Optimising your site’s content for search

Add your site to Google and Bing

Add your site to Google and Bing

To speed up your search rankings and ensure both Google and Bing are indexing your content correctly you can manually submit your site to both. This is especially important if you are moving your domain/site to Squarespace after your old site has been online for years.

You can also submit a sitemap to both.

See below links for the detailed guides on how to do this.

Tune up for better site speed

Tune up for better site speed

Turn on AMP loading in Settings > Blogging. this loads your site’s blog content faster on mobile.

Read the Squarespace official guide for more details.

SEO Top Ten Tips

SEO Top Ten Tips

These great tips are adapted from Veronica Morrison (Upside).

Go through all your products and/or pages and ensure they have an optimised description.

Same goes for your photos and videos, make sure they have have optimised file names.F

Fill out your Business Information (Settings > Business Information) and consider creating a location listing on Google Maps - especially important if you have a shop, studiomor business that is targeting local customers/clients.

Make your page titles SEO friendly by including keywords and phrases instead of generic titles like ‘About.’

Make sure you include your local town or city name in your keywords and phrases if you are targeting a specific geographic area.

Take a step further by starting a blog (if applicable) to write about local events relating to your products. But be warned, not all blogs are worthwhile SEO components. They have to be well written and strategic to garner quality SEO for your site.

Promote aforementioned blog posts on social media and build links with other sites/blogs/social accounts.

Register your website and submit your site map using Google Search Console.

Check your website load time by using one of the many free speed check tools (for example Google Speed Test) and make sure your landing page is no more than 3MB for optimal load time.

Use headings properly, H1’s should be the most important information on the page, then H2 and so on. Read the Squarespace guide on text formatting.

And more specifically for local e-commerce businesses, If possible, allow product reviews and use the Google Data Highlighting Tool to set up your 10 markups so that you can take advantage of rich data in search results.